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At Group Pharma, we believe healthy smiles matter.  We live this through constant innovation and by making our products suitable for customers from all walks of life. That is why, for the month of November, which is World Vegan Month, we will share different perspectives on the philosophy of Vegans. We are happy to be part of the efforts to promote veganism through oral care, veganism, its connection to oral care and why #Healthysmilesmatter.

Have you ever wondered about the difference between being Vegan and Vegetarian?

These are two totally different lifestyles, though they may share a similar perspective of food.
So what is the difference?

Vegetarians avoid all food that comes from animals. Vegans, like vegetarians, do not consume meat and products derived from animals like milk, cheese, yoghurt, eggs, or honey. They carry this thinking into all aspects of their life; for example, vegans do not use cosmetics, clothing or any product derived from animals.

The Vegan Wave 

The vegan wave first made inroads into India in early 2010, though globally, the Vegan Society was established as far back as 1944.

There are growing indicators that people are shifting towards veganism in India. Being vegan is more than just food. The awareness is flowing into products we use daily like cosmetics and oral care products. Veganism is not a fad but a movement, which is growing in India, with greater awareness.

In recent times, the corona pandemic has accelerated the attention towards environmentally conscious living. Being vegan is considered more eco-friendly, and a more sustainable form of living primarily with a concern for the environment and animals.

Oral Care and Veganism

When it comes to oral care, most toothpastes available off the  shelf in a supermarket may not be vegan as they use animal products or are tested on animals. In this effort Oral Care companies are working on products ideal for a vegan to use. They do this by ensuring the ingredients used are not derived from animals or tested on animals.

For example, Glycerine which is a common ingredient in toothpaste, maybe from animal source (often tallow) or plant source, usually soya or palm oil. Companies need to verify the source and test the product accordingly to confirm that it meets vegan requirements. Similarly, other ingredients need to be verified for its source and confirmed that they had not been tested on animals.

At Group Pharma, we continue to engage with the communities we operate in and drive home the message that good oral health is the gateway to good health. Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away, brushing your teeth twice daily not only helps protect your teeth and gums healthy but also contributes to overall good health.

By Laxmikant Sugandhi,
Associate VP – Marketing
Group Pharmaceuticals, manufacturers of SHY-NM, vegan friendly toothpaste