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Why use SHY-NM to treat tooth sensitivity?


Why use to shield your teeth?

to treat tooth sensitivity

10 reasons for preferring SHY-NM Toothpaste

  • Quick action, usually within a couple of days
  • Longer lasting, near permanent action
  • You can continue consuming all types of foods & beverages
  • Gives good protection against acidic soft drinks
  • Effective against micro-organisms in the mouth thereby helping reduce gingivitis
  • Fresh mint taste and flavour that you will love
  • Specially packaged to avoid contamination
  • Endorsed in numerous clinical studies
  • Trusted by over 6 million users for 10 years
  • Made by a pharma company with expertise in dental and oral care

Why is a superior toothpaste?

a superior toothpaste compared to competitors

  • SHY-NM contains material that is found in our body especially in our teeth and bone unlike other chemicals.
  • SHY-NM provides fast and near permanent solution to shield teeth.

Superiority of SHY-NM is due to its formulation (active ingredient CSPS) and its action. Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate occludes the dentinal tubules within a couple of days and its biotechnology supplements the dentin with minerals. Learn more

In SHY-NM, CSPS physically blocks the open dentinal tubules and shields from external stimuli, abrasion, and acid attack.