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Medical studies

Medical studies on SHY-NM

SHY-NM is a 10-year-old brand already used by millions of users with sensitive teeth. It is the most extensively studied toothpaste.

The following medical research studies have been conducted on SHY-NM:

  • A randomized parallel group clinical study evaluating the efficacy of three desensitizing dentifrices.
  • In-vitro evaluation of novamin® root conditioner.
  • Pilot clinical and in vitro studies evaluating novamin® in desensitizing dentifrices.
  • Tubule occlusion of a novamin® containing dentifrice compared to recaldent-containing dentifrice – a remin/deminstudy in vitro.
  • The efficacy of a dentifrice containing novamin® on Dentine hypersensitivity.
  • Occlusion of dentin tubules by 45s5 bioglass.
  • Comparison of efficacy of three commercially available Dentrifices on dentinal hypersensitivity: a randomized Clinical trial.
  • Clinical evaluation of a dentifrice containing calcium sodium phosphosilicate (novamin®) for the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity.
  • Comparision of clinical efficacy of a dentrifrice containing calcium sodium phosphosilicate with a dentifrice containing potassium nitrate and placebo.
  • A randomized controlled clinical study evaluating the Efficacy of two desensitizing dentifrices.
  • The efficacy of a dentifrice containing novamin® on Dentine hypersensitivity.
  • Use of novamin® containing preparation for reduction of dentin sensitivity in patients undergoing periodontal maintenance therapy.
  • Evaluation of tubule occluding ability of four desensitizing dentrifrices.
  • Antibacterial activity of particulate novamin® against Supra-and subgingival bacteria.
  • Antibacterial effects of a bioactive glass paste on Oral microorganisms.
  • The antibacterial properties of bioactive glass.
  • Particulate bioglass reduces the viability of Bacterial biofilms formed on its surface in an in Vitro model.
  • Antiplaque and antigingivitis effect of a dentifrice containing bioactive glass particulate-a randomized clinical trial.
  • Clinical evaluation for tooth whitening of a bioglass® (novamin®) containing dentifrice.
  • Multi-center, single blind clinical study to assess stain removal potential of Novamin® dentifrices.
  • Clinical study of Novamin® containing dentifrice ability to produce consumer noticeable whitening and brightening effects.