SHY NM relieves sensitivity faster than other products

SHY NM vs Strontium chloride

SHY NM vs Potassium Nitrate &
Stannous Fluoride

What does SHY NM contain?

SHY NM contains calcium sodium phosphosilicate. SHY NM is comprised of calcium, sodium, phosphorous and silica which is the natural elements found in the tooth structure.

What is unique about SHY NM?

SHY NM is a desensitizing toothpaste which uses the two main constituents of hydroxyapatite, calcium and phosphorous, to build a hydroxyapatite-like layer over the surface of teeth. Unlike other desensitizing agents, it reacts in the mouth to create a layer against dentin hypersensitivity using the natural building blocks of teeth

How does SHY NM work?

When SHY NM comes into contact with saliva, a series of chemical reactions occur which lead to the formation of a hydroxyapatite-like layer over the surface of exposed dentine.

Step 1 :
pH elevation

When SHY-NM reacts with saliva, Na+ions are released, elevating the pH into the range essential for HCA formation

Step 2 :
Mineral release

Then minerals like Ca2+ and P5+ ions are released to form calcium-phosphate layer.

Step 3 :
HCA Crystal formation

This layer crystallizes into HCA and seals the opened dentinal tubules. This HCA layer is chemically and structurally similar to the layer found in tooth enamel.

Superiority over other molecules

SHY NM has innumerable benefits:

  • SHY-NM contains natural minerals that are found in our body especially in our teeth and bone unlike other chemicals.
  • SHY-NM provides relief from sensitivity by occluding the open dentinal tubules with protective Hydroxyapatite like layer.
  • SHY-NM helps to provide long lasting result by occluding the open dentinal tubules.
  • SHY NM helps to relieve sensitivity faster than other desensitizing toothpastes.
  • Reoccurrence of pain due to sensitivity is less compared to other products.
  • SHY-NM is effective against oral micro-organisms thereby helps to reduce gingivitis.
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